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The Mother of the Bride's Role

The mother of the bride is a very important part of the wedding day. In a traditional ceremony and reception the mother of the bride has certain duties and roles to fulfill. The bride needs to analyse carefully what her mothers role will be, according to each person?s wishes. She will act as a hostess at a formal reception, fulfilling the wishes of her daughter.

The bride and groom may want a traditional wedding, in which the mother of the bride will carry out these roles. If this is the plan, however, than there are many things to plan for and consider. The brides mother will act as the organizer of her daughters wedding. She will organise the guest list, and be in charge of the invitations.

Other duties include: helping choose the flowers for the ceremony and reception, accommodation for guests, acting between the two families, among other duties. She will want to assist her daughter with choosing a dress, and other dress plans, and bridesmaid outfits. She will want to wear a dress or outfit that fits the approval of the bride, in keeping with the style and specific faith of the wedding. In following tradition and custom, the mother may wear and hat and gloves if she so wishes. However it is her choice, as well as the brides choice for all matters of dress.

For the ceremony, the mother of the bride will be escorted to her seat on the left side of the aisle. If there is no adult bridesmaid, the bride will hand her mother the bouquet, and she will take it with her when the bride and groom sign the register. During the recessional, she will walk beside the grooms father down the aisle. This signifies the unification of the two families. She will than continue on with the day into the reception, acting as a formal hostess according to her daughters wishes.


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